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Hypno Lock by Mohamed Ibrahim mixed media DOWNLOAD

Hypno Lock by Mohamed Ibrahim mixed media DOWNLOAD

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"Very different experiences, which can be associated with interesting themes. Brute strength and mind strength for example."
- Pablo Amira

"So smart! Sneaky method!"
- Moustapha Berjaoui

Hypno Lock is a new method that allows you to do something different with a normal lock!

A normal lock is examined by the spectator, imagine that you could send him powerful thought to make him bend the lock while opening it.

Here is the surprise, the lock will not bend, but it will explode and separate from each other.
  • You also will learn how to do it on a stage.
  • Easy to set up
  • Everything is examinable before and after the trick
  • You will learn how to make it by just downloading the explanation.
From the mind of Mohamed Ibrahim.